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Maintain Your Skin’s Health and Vitality

Maintain Your Skin’s Health and Vitality

At night, when you massage your cleanser into your skin, it’s like you’re washing away the day’s stress! You’re also removing the day’s dirt that accumulated there (think of your windshield!).


When you take care of your skin, your skin will take care of you:

It works hard at night to regenerate itself

Cell turnover is faster at night

Serums & moisturizers absorb more deeply in clean skin.

Your youthful glow will return!

Your skin will be in better condition with proper care. With consistency comes visible results. Once you see results, they’ll be easier to maintain.


At first you might not see results but stick to it and you’ll definitely see the difference! Everyday your skin faces challenges like a harsh environment, pollution, sunlight, etc… All these things can thin and weaken the structure of your skin when it goes uncared for and unprotected. But keeping up a good skin care regimen will counteract those things, slow down the aging process, and give you a glow that others will notice.

SERUMS make the biggest difference in the way your face looks and feels!

Serums have been called all “killer and no filler”, which means that cleansers & moisturizers have about 5 – 10% active ingredients but serums have up to 70%! Serums are made to even out your skin tone, reduce fine lines, brighten, firm and get rid of dark spots. A quality serum’s active ingredients are peptides, plant based stem cells, vitamins and beneficial minerals.

Using a topical serum which has Vitamin C in it is a wonderful antioxidant that helps your skin repair itself from sun damage. Plus, it has natural sunscreen properties in it.

So next time you consider buying a serum that does all these things, remember that steep price you see is because of the benefits of the high-quality ingredients in it, so you’re getting more bang for your buck!

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    What is the Best Anti-Aging Remedy for My Eyes?

    What is the Best Anti-Aging Remedy for My Eyes?

    Healthy skin is probably the best way to slow down the aging process. Choosing the right products makes it so much easier to maintain proper skin care. Let’s start with our eyes. Experts agree on the importance of treating the skin around our eyes separately. Here’s why…

    Face creams can be too irritating, but specific products made for this delicate area work wonders for smoothing fine lines. It’s important to only use our ring finger around the eye area because it gives the least amount of pressure, ensuring we don’t tug that delicate eye area skin.

    Gently pat, don’t rub, moisturizers, concealers and foundations under the eyes. You get the same great coverage without rubbing or pulling your under-eye skin. Since there are no muscles in that area, patting the skin gently is the best way to apply any product. I recommend avoiding sunscreen under your eyes because it may irritate the sensitive skin there.

    Here are some ingredients to consider when buying a quality eye cream:

    A biomimetic peptide helps support the processes critical for skin repair. Biomimetic is a fancy word to say this peptide encourages the skin to mimic processes found in younger skin. As collagen breaks down, amino acids are formed. These are the active molecules and tiny proteins called peptidesPeptides in skin care provides great anti-aging benefits. 

    Another important ingredient in a quality eye cream is a hyaluronic acid booster which helps provide youthful skin volume and lift. Using plant stem cells helps protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness.  A quality eye cream has a liquid crystal delivery system that can help enhance effectiveness.

    Liquid crystals are physically similar to the skin barrier which may help the eye cream be more compatible with the skin’s surface. This also has been shown to help support the skin barrier.

    Consider an eye cream that fights the appearance of deep lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. As we age skin loses density, elasticity and firmness which can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. You want a formula that contains ingredients shown to help promote the production of collagen and protect against elastin degradation to help strengthen and defend the skin matrix.

    Look for one that fights undereye bags, puffiness and dark circles. It should contain specialized ingredients like plant extracts, antioxidants and peptides that help minimize melanin production, encourage the elimination of excess fluid, and help minimize skin irritation.

    You especially want a quality eye cream that fights crepiness and dry skin, contains ingredients that help promote the production of hyaluronic acid which can decline with age, and replenishes skin’s natural lipids to help support the moisture barrier and provide long-term hydration.

    Feel free to message me if you’d like to know which eye creams I personally use and recommend!


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      Let’s talk about Skin Care

      Let’s talk about Skin Care

      How do you cleanse your face? What are you currently using to wash it? Soap? Liquid hand soap? (Don’t laugh! I’ve heard stories) or are you one of those diligent people who wash their face every morning and every night, following a good skin care regimen which includes things like masks, scrubs, peels, moisturizers, sunscreens? Or do you hit and miss at all of it?

      If you are most of us, you are noticing changes in your skin’s texture as you get older. Those cute little laugh lines began showing up when you weren’t laughing and have chosen to stay. That smooth wrinkle-free area below your chin is beginning to resemble a turkey neck with rings. Yikes! And where on earth did that double chin come from?

      You then decided to go to the store and find something that would help. You even allowed yourself to be seated at a department store counter as folks paraded by watching your transformation. The lady was good! You looked fabulous! You also took home $400 worth of skin care and makeup without a clue on how to replicate what the sales clerk did.

      You tried to achieve that look a few times, and eventually one by one each product went into the drawer, never to see the light of day again. At least you kept the cleanser out, using it only when you thought of it. Because you didn’t like the heaviness of the foundation, it didn’t come out of the drawer very often. You found the eye colors were a little too dark for day time use, and though the clerk said that lipstick was just right for your skin tone, you felt like a clown every time you put it on. They hit the dead zone drawer too.

      A few months later you were watching your favorite TV show, and a commercial with a beautiful celebrity came on talking about a new break through skin care program guaranteed to take years off your face. She showed before and after photos of ladies with profoundly transformed skin. You ordered it. Several months later, after dropping $300 (that 39.95 special deal plus auto shipments), the jars were empty and your skin looked the same. Sheesh.

      Cosmetics is a billion-dollar business and everyone in that business is vying for your hard earned dollars. What is the best route to take? First of all, whenever you are considering trying something new, always, always read the reviews. Good and bad. If you see 500 reviews on something, and 450 are bad, that’s probably not the one for you. But if only 25 or 50 are bad, it might be something worth considering.

      Before you consider buying that next skin care product, here are some questions to ask yourself:

      What is my skin type? Dry? Combination? Oily? What issues do I have? Acne or just occasional breakouts? Advanced signs of aging like deep wrinkles and expression lines, or just a few light lines around the eyes? Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes? Sensitive skin? Are my lips constantly chapped? What can I use to get a smoother, more even toned and radiant complexion?

      Armed with answers to those questions will help you decide what’s best for your skin type and save you a whole lot of money.


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        What is True Beauty?

        What is True Beauty?

        The definition of true beauty is simple. It’s found deep within us and radiates outwardly. Beauty is inner joy. Beauty is inner peace. Beauty is knowing we were created for a special purpose and that we are a one-of-a-kind work of art.

        Beauty can often be misunderstood and distorted, especially when we play the comparison game. Today’s media can add conflicting pressures to be someone we were never meant to be. Today’s young girls are exposed almost daily to outside influences that tell them the only way to be truly happy is to be someone they are not. Society can set unrealistic goals for impressionable young women, especially when they don’t accomplish those goals, they spend years questioning their value and worth.

        We come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and heritage. We are mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. Always remember that you are unique and special, and your life experiences are woven into your personality and characteristics to become a beautiful, awesome tapestry called YOU, displaying your own version of beauty.

        Trying to be like someone else can be a daunting task that we endlessly strive for, rather than appreciate the true essence of our own unique person. Learning to love what we see in the mirror is probably one of the most important and life changing things we can do for ourselves.

        Many articles and opinions differ by saying all women are beautiful regardless of their appearance. True beauty doesn’t exclusively mean inner beauty. Nor does it mean just outer beauty. There’s more to beauty than what “meets the eye”. That will be food for another blog, I think!

        Have you been with someone who just made you happy to be around? She was sharp, confidence, caring, personable and fun, and you always looked forward to being with her. That can possibly be defined as inner beauty. Her joy radiates out and she has a gift of making everyone feel important. She may not have been classified as physically beautiful (flaws are kind of beautiful, too!), even though she always looks neat, clean and well dressed. Her love of life shines through, even though she has endured those life challenges we all have faced.

        Our true beauty comes from just being ourselves, genuine and authentic, and when we make the effort to improve our appearance to look our best, we can still retain our own uniqueness and natural beauty. Then we become the best version of ourselves and that’s when our true beauty shines through!

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        What is the Real Meaning of “Youthfulness”?

        What is the Real Meaning of “Youthfulness”?

        Have you looked in the mirror lately and suddenly didn’t recognize who was looking back at you? I know I have! Lately this old person has been standing in front of me while I’m trying to see my reflection. I wish she’d go away, but alas! I think she’s here to stay.

        We who are still young-at-heart sometimes struggle accepting what the mirror is showing us, don’t you agree?  All that walking, weight-lifting, aerobic exercising, bike riding, treadmill running, and going to the gym seems to be a temporary solution and still fails to smooth out those ever-growing wrinkles on our face, thighs, underarms, or hips, and knees! Oh my goodness, we won’t even talk about wrinkled knees or the back of our hands.

        Growing older doesn’t have to mean giving up because we don’t look like those beautiful people we see on TV. Women especially are being bombarded by media ads saying we can look younger only if we buy the product they are promoting. Sooo we buy it… And it ends up gathering dust in the bottom drawer because it didn’t do what we hoped it would. Then lo and behold another youthful looking celebrity is on TV touting their latest find… so we buy that one, too… and it ends up, well, you know where it goes.

        Why all the focus on the outside of our “house” we currently reside in, i.e., our body, our looks? What happened to growing old gracefully? Well I, for one, plan to grow old gracefully with the help of my hairdresser who works magic on my mane with a fabulous color, plus I’ll incorporate the help of any and all skin care cleansing, scrubbing, masking, moisturizing, lifting, firming, peeling, and whatever else I can get my hands on to help me grow old gracefully!

        Now if you are struggling with your looks, and trust me, we all are, remember you were created to be an awesomely wonderful achiever with talents, skills, abilities and wisdom, and those things absolutely do not come out of a gym or bottle.

        Next time you look in the mirror, take a closer look at who’s looking back at you. You will see a strong person who survived, overcame, is more knowledgeable than you realize, has first-hand experience in soooo many areas, and accomplished so many amazing things that others thought were impossible! See that twinkle in her eye? It will never age, never grow old. That’s real youthfulness. And that’s YOU!

        When was the last time you actually went outside to play? Go for a ride in the country? Take a nice walk in a beautiful location near you? Fresh air and sunshine are the elixers we all need from time to time. Each time I visit Disney World, I am amazed at how many older couples are there, walking along and holding hands. Youthfulness never leaves our hearts!

        So the next time your back hurts, your joints ache, or your knees don’t want to cooperate when you get up from a chair, remember to smile in the mirror and applaud that beautiful person who is looking back at you in your reflection, she deserves it.

        Just remember, none of us really likes the idea of growing old, but I think it’s better than the alternative, don’t you agree?


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        Do you like what you see in the mirror?

        Do you like what you see in the mirror?

        Most women don’t like their reflection in the mirror, and that should not be! We tend to be our own worst critic, and we spend years comparing ourselves to others. “Oh, if only I looked like…” “Oh, if only I could be…” or the worst self-talk of all: “I’m not good enough…”

        What do you think you can personally do to improve what you see? Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe you were created exactly the way God wanted you to be? Media and magazines have us feeling like something is missing. Instead of stressing over what isn’t, why not embrace what is?

        You and I were made in the image of God, in His likeness, so that makes us pretty special, don’t you agree? Women have been sold a bill of goods that no matter what we do, it’s not enough. Forget all that! You were created for a special purpose and God was very, very pleased the day you were born.

        Make a list of all your strengths, then all your weaknesses. You can be honest with yourself, no one is going to see this list. Now focus on your greatest strength and write down what makes you strong in that area.

        Give yourself a pat on the back, because more than likely you are a survivor! You have endured life’s challenges which somehow, you had no idea how, made you stronger. When you got blindsided by something you didn’t think you could handle, you made it through, didn’t you?

        Beauty begins in the heart and travels to the whole body. The best dressed woman always wears a dazzling smile, walks with her head held high so her invisible tiara doesn’t slip, and keeps in mind that she can do anything she sets her mind to do, in spite of those normal obstacles that come her way! She embraces life, including those challenges she faces. She realizes the challenges are God way of stretching and strengthening her as He adds another jewel to her tiara.

        Take another look in that mirror and tell the lady looking back at you that she is amazingly beautiful and the world is blessed to have her around!

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