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Good Health

Good Health

As we get older, we notice changes in our body, such as a slowing in our metabolism, or not having as much energy as we used to have, or even some minor health issues. Sometimes the first thing we do is change the way we eat. Those hot dogs and candy bars won’t help, will they? I can’t believe that Dr Pepper and Orange Soda used to be my favorite drinks!

If we have gained a little (or a lot!) weight, we look to dieting and exercising. Personally, I’ve been on that roller coaster for the last 40 years. I’ve tried the high protein, low fat diet. I’ve done the no carb diet, too, and was that ever a nighmare! I’ve cut out sweets. I even took those over-the-counter diet pills “guaranteed to make you lose XX pounds in one week!”. Then came the detox drinks. Goodness, I’ve tried too many fad diets to even think about. And guess what, I still see the bathroom scale telling me I weight the same.

Then I exercised. I joined gyms, did aerobic classes, Zumba, running, walking, bicycling. Here’s my personal take on all of it. I found gyms dull and smelly and got bored working on the same machines looking at the same scenery & TV shows. I stuck with classes longer, but I had a hard time keeping up with the exercise instructors, including one who was great and worked our butts off but looked like she needed to lose some weight herself. Running made me ache all over. I loved walking (I still belong to a hiking group), but the next day after trudging a few miles, I could hardly move. Bicycling in moderation has become something I absolutely love to do. I struggled to keep up when I tried mountain biking so I found that nice level ground with beautiful scenery was my sweet spot. Even then I have to quit after about 10 or 12 miles when my seat becomes a torture tool.

So where am I going with this? The bottom line is this… Forget those TV commercials promising guaranteed weight loss. My go-to is moderation. I love to eat healthy, but I also love to have a few desserts every now and then. I love to relax with a good book, but I also love to get out in the fresh air and work in my garden or go for a fun bike ride with friends. I love to travel so I look at the food choices in the airports and try to choose wisely… sometimes. Keep in mind that you just have to indulge yourself. Don’t go overboard, but don’t punish yourself either. Remember, everything in moderation!

Treat yourself to a good meal and some fun. Spend time with family and friends. Take care of your health by eating the right foods. Exercise in a way that you enjoy! If you don’t like the outdoors, maybe a clean smelling gym would be just right for you. Or a personal trainer. Or walking your dog often. Or a good exercise video. I personally like Ann Smith’s “The Art of Aging”. You’ll find her on YouTube. She has been a ballet dancer all her life and in her golden years teaches a graceful and relaxing exercise program that you will most definitely feel without limping around for three days.

I hope this article helps you see that God made a masterpiece when He created you. So enjoy His artwork and make the most of what He gave you!

Please share this with your friends who are tired of all the hype and want to know it’s okay to be themselves and enjoy their lives.

Cheers, Blessings and Success to you!




Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It also means moral uprightness.

Someone with integrity has real honesty, honor, good character, ethics, principles, and truthfulness. They value righteousness, fairness, decency, scrupulousness, morals and trustworthiness. A friend with these qualities is a real jewel to be treasured and that friendship is a wonderful experience of caring and sharing, through the good and the bad.

I was blessed to have that kind of friend for 42 years. I met Edwina on October, 1973 in downtown Dallas at a data-entry job. Our desks were side-by-side, and she began the same day I did. When she came in, she sat down and put her Bible and her cigarettes on the desk. She looked at me and said hello and I will never forget those beautiful brown eyes, full of wisdom and mischief. We clicked immediately and stayed best friends until November, 2014 when she went to live with Jesus. I left Dallas in 1979 yet called her almost every day. I visited Dallas as often as I could, staying with her of course, and learned more about life from her than anyone else I knew.

Edwina was the epitome of integrity. She always said she never lied to God or Edwina. She was honest yet compassionate. She never judged or condemned. Yet she was the first to admit she had a terrible temper and always went to God to keep her from “going off the cliff” as she used to say. No one will ever replace Edwina in my life, and our four-decade friendship will go down in my history as one the greatest blessing I ever had. She loved to talk “God talk” and could lift others out of their doldrums without even trying. All of this in spite of the fact she had serious health issues that led to her losing a leg and being house-bound, and eventually passing away at the age of 68.

Now the opposite of a person with integrity is one who is dishonest, not only with others but mainly with themselves. These kinds of people have fooled themselves the most. They think they have great integrity, but deep down, they really are gently shoving others aside and looking out for Number One.  I’ve had my fair share of them in my life, too. Their lies eventually caught up to them, and thankfully I was able to see the truth and get away from them as fast as I could.

Have you met someone who appeared to be honest and sincere, and seemed to genuinely care about others, but as you got to know this person, you saw inconsistencies? Quite a bummer, right? I think we have all been around people who we really like but somehow find ourselves shrinking away from them. Trust your gut instinct and when that little red flag pops up, pay attention to it.

So how does integrity work in your own daily life? Do you have a friend like Edwina? Someone who has your back yet isn’t afraid to call you out on things? If so, treasure that friendship! Proverbs 31 says a virtuous woman is valued far above rubies. Using Godly discernment will help you tell whether or not someone is worth your valuable time and friendship.

C S Lewis said it right. “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”