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What is “Multi-Masking”?

What is “Multi-Masking”?

When it comes to skin care, we all want to use the very best product our budget can afford, right? That means when we find a problem, we look for solutions, and in today’s tech-savvy world, we can go online to try to find what will work for us.  I have spent hours searching for the right way to take care of my face with its multiple problems like wrinkles, dry patches, and yes, even acne. Ugh! Acne at my age. What gives? I have oily AND dry skin, so I needed something for both.

I always wanted a simple skin care routine without a lot of fuss, using only one or two products and be done with it. I think I have finally found what worked for me but it takes more than one or two products. That’s okay, as long as I get the results I want. I’ve never had really good skin because in my late 20’s I was plagued with severe acne. Now I’m almost 70 and I still have flare-ups, along with those nuisances called wrinkles and sagging skin.

Through trial and error (lots of trials and lots of errors), I may have finally found a solution. My skin is a combination of dry places all around my face along the hairline, and oily on my cheeks and chin. Okay, that sound easy enough to solve. But wait! I also have these cute little grooves that start just below either side of my nose and run all the way to my chin.  The proper name for them is wrinkles, but I choose to live in denial and call them grooves. Ha! I also have a couple of those cute little vertical grooves above my nose between my eyebrows, as well as nice expression lines across my forehead.

Because our skin sheds a layer of cells every few days, I know masking is very important to remove those dead cells before they clog my pores, dull my complexion and/or give me big red bumps. I have used almost every mask available, and here’s what I found.

I use a charcoal mask on and around my nose and cheeks and because I have large pores, especially on my nose, it’s fabulous for removing that “pore junk”.  I cannot use it all over because it’s too drying elsewhere. I use a glycolic peel in all those dry areas, and it even works around my mouth and chin in those “grooves”.  I love using a microbead exfoliating mask while I’m in the shower because it’s fast and easy. I especially LOVE the luxury of a Korean Beauty bio-cellulose mask when I want to take a 20 or 30-minute relaxation break to lift and firm my skin.

I found if I alternate these four masks, I get great results and my skin looks SO much better! We can’t stop the signs of aging, but we can certainly slow them down, yes?

So what about you? Are you overwhelmed by all those masks out there with their promises of youthful, renewed skin, and then get frustrated after spending your hard-earned money on one more product that doesn’t deliver results?

Please leave your comments below and let’s see if we can find a solution that is just right for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to Happy Masking!