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Hello! and thank you for visiting my website!

Being a wife, mother and grandmother, I am also an entrepreneur with my own Direct Selling Business.

Having been in the corporate world for many years working for someone else, I found myself again and again being drawn to working in Direct Sales.

I love the independence of having my own business, mainly because of the freedom and flexibility. Or was it because I didn’t like the 9 to 5 structure and being told what to do all the time? Ha! Who knows. I definitely like helping others and making very good money.

Another thing I enjoy is learning how to take care of myself, inside and out, and sharing the things I learn with my friends. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean starvation, and healthy exercise doesn’t have to mean stress and strain to lose a few pounds. I’ve designed this website to address the things we all face everyday, and hopefully, together we can make sense of some of it and enjoy ourselves!

Being creative, learning new things (School is never out for the pros!) and doing direct sales feeds my happiness. Is it frustrating at times? Yes. Is it fun? Absolutely! Maybe it’s my “happy habit”. 

I also enjoy my family time, traveling, riding my bike, and talking to wonderful people like you!