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How do you cleanse your face? What are you currently using to wash it? Soap? Liquid hand soap? (Don’t laugh! I’ve heard stories) or are you one of those diligent people who wash their face every morning and every night, following a good skin care regimen which includes things like masks, scrubs, peels, moisturizers, sunscreens? Or do you hit and miss at all of it?

If you are most of us, you are noticing changes in your skin’s texture as you get older. Those cute little laugh lines began showing up when you weren’t laughing and have chosen to stay. That smooth wrinkle-free area below your chin is beginning to resemble a turkey neck with rings. Yikes! And where on earth did that double chin come from?

You then decided to go to the store and find something that would help. You even allowed yourself to be seated at a department store counter as folks paraded by watching your transformation. The lady was good! You looked fabulous! You also took home $400 worth of skin care and makeup without a clue on how to replicate what the sales clerk did.

You tried to achieve that look a few times, and eventually one by one each product went into the drawer, never to see the light of day again. At least you kept the cleanser out, using it only when you thought of it. Because you didn’t like the heaviness of the foundation, it didn’t come out of the drawer very often. You found the eye colors were a little too dark for day time use, and though the clerk said that lipstick was just right for your skin tone, you felt like a clown every time you put it on. They hit the dead zone drawer too.

A few months later you were watching your favorite TV show, and a commercial with a beautiful celebrity came on talking about a new break through skin care program guaranteed to take years off your face. She showed before and after photos of ladies with profoundly transformed skin. You ordered it. Several months later, after dropping $300 (that 39.95 special deal plus auto shipments), the jars were empty and your skin looked the same. Sheesh.

Cosmetics is a billion-dollar business and everyone in that business is vying for your hard earned dollars. What is the best route to take? First of all, whenever you are considering trying something new, always, always read the reviews. Good and bad. If you see 500 reviews on something, and 450 are bad, that’s probably not the one for you. But if only 25 or 50 are bad, it might be something worth considering.

Before you consider buying that next skin care product, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What is my skin type? Dry? Combination? Oily? What issues do I have? Acne or just occasional breakouts? Advanced signs of aging like deep wrinkles and expression lines, or just a few light lines around the eyes? Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes? Sensitive skin? Are my lips constantly chapped? What can I use to get a smoother, more even toned and radiant complexion?

Armed with answers to those questions will help you decide what’s best for your skin type and save you a whole lot of money.


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