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Microdermabrasion can give your face the look of polished, younger skin with significantly smaller pores

Here are some of the BENEFITS of using a good quality microdermabrasion at home:

Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliator that reduces the appearance of fine lines and gently refines skin’s texture as it removes surface dead skin cells and build-up from pores.

Once pores have been cleared of build-up and dead skin cells, it’s best to use a serum that helps nourish, calm and comfort your skin. You want one that reduces any appearance of redness and soothes delicate skin.

What is the SCIENCE behind microdermabrasion?

Having clogged and congested pores can lead to stretching the pore wall, making them look enlarged. Eliminating impurities trapped in your pores is a very important first step toward improving their appearance.

You’ll want to look for ingredients such as Persian silk tree bark extract and soy bean extract which are shown to be important to your skin and may help tighten the look of your complexion overall, especially around pores. Skin calming and comforting benefits on the skin’s surface such as sea whip extract and evodia fruit extract are known to be associated with skin calming and comfort.

You’ll want to try a good quality microdermabrasion if you want smooth, polished skin and/or you’re concerned about the large number or size of your pores. If you want an affordable, at-home solution for gentle exfoliation that can very likely help fight some of those visible early-to-moderate signs of aging, then you’ll want to consider using this amazing product.

Since we shed a layer of skin cells two to three times a week, using a good microdermabrasion twice a week with skin calming serum afterwards is a good idea to keep those pores clean and clear. Cleared pores will go back to their normal size once all that gunk is removed.

The best part of using a microdermabrasion product is that your moisturizer and foundation (if you use them) will glide on smoothly and beautifully after removing all that “stuff” that dulls your skin. Having all those dead skin cells gone will give your face a smoother, glowing appearance! And glowing is what we’re all about, right?

A good quality microdermabrasion product, if used properly, can give you spa results without the spa price!

If you’d like to know what products I recommend, message me and I’ll share what I like using for myself!


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