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Recently in church my beautiful Pastor asked us to tell her something good. It was eye opening! Hearing several of my fellow parishioners speak about something good that happened to them recently was such a breath of fresh air. They didn’t talk about any spectacular moments that occurred in their lives, but they glowed with appreciation over the little blessings that came their way.  

How many times each day are we bombarded with negative news? Too often, I’m afraid. We want to be kept up to date on current events, but sometimes it can leave us with just a bit of a bad taste in our mouth.

So, TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD, my friend! What have you accomplished that might have been insignificant to others but it was monumental to you? What challenge did you overcome? Did you lose another pound after fighting your weight for years? Did your child come home from school with a C+ in math after struggling with Ds all year? Did your husband finally get the recognition that was long overdue him? Did the doctor give you a good report after you had been so fearful of the test results you thought might be serious? Did you hear from a dear friend and realize just how wonderful it was to hear her voice?

These may seem small to some folks, but in my book, they’re huge if they have been an obstacle in our lives. It’s the little things that make up most of our days. We get up in the morning, go through our normal routine, and some days we can’t wait for the day to be over, while other days are full of tiny blessings that leave us filled with this quiet joy we can’t explain but we cherish.

Recently a dear friend took me to see a Motown Musical here in my fair city. She had no idea that I grew up on Lake Erie and the only station I listened to was CKLW out of Detroit and WLS from Chicago. Motown was my passion. (I actually saw the original Supremes in concert, Diana, Mary and Flo!) Anyway, the Motown Musical was so full of such awesomely talented young people that if I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was watching the original performers. What a huge blessing to relive my childhood!

As some of you know, I love to ride my bike. I’m not fast, and some days I struggle because of stiff joints and shortness of breath. But I ride mainly for two reasons. The first is because I absolutely love riding, feeling the wind on my face, smelling the flowers and pine trees, and hearing nothing but birds singing. The second reason is because I’ve battled high blood pressure for several years now, so I ride for my health.

There is single-track trail near me that seems like a beginner’s course to most people, but each time I ride those 6 miles, I get better and faster, and my confidence grows by leaps and bounds. I used to start each ride with a fearful and pounding heart, but now I get excited when I point my handlebars towards the trailhead. It feels like I’m riding like the wind! A slow breeze maybe, but nevertheless it’s the wind to me! I won’t win any races and I don’t want to. Not bad for a little ol’ granny, right?

Another thing I love is travelling. Flying has become quite enjoyable to me, even when I’m on several airplanes for pretty much the whole day. Anyone who has flown a few times is familiar with flight delays, cranky fellow passengers, crying babies, tight seating in coach, and crowded airport terminals. It’s a part of life. I’m learning not to get in a hurry (unless of course I’m running for my next flight!) and focus on enjoying the moment. Even after a recent flight that lasted 10 hours where I was stuck on a plane for 4 stops with no food and fighting nausea, I knew I was heading towards my destination and was so very grateful to reach it!

Same goes for driving somewhere. If I’m late, I try to relax anyway, especially after spending years paying my fair share of speeding tickets. Ha! I’ve finally slowed down, probably because I know my blood pressure likes to spike when I’m being, shall we say, a bit like Madea? Just being real here…



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