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So far, we’ve talked about beauty, confidence, anti-aging, skin care, and overall healthy living. Today I want to address the woman who is like fine wine… with NO expiration date. Maybe she’s been noticing some changes in her skin, her hair or her weight. She may have begun to feel like yesterday’s leftovers, getting passed up for promotions on the job while watching young people half her age get the good company positions and raises.

If that woman is YOU, if you’ve been noticing some changes taking place, like… ugh… aging (gasp!), then I’m here to tell you that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made by an amazing God who sees you as a priceless work of art, and you come with NO expiration date.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a difference in how others respond to the older generation. I never paid attention to it in my youth, and I remember thinking anyone over 40 or 50 was seriously OLD. Ha, I’m long past that age now, and 40 or 50 sounds pretty young to me!

Any mother will tell you that our children admire us when they’re pre-teens, tolerate us when they’re teenagers, and look at us like we’re one brick short of a full load when they become adults. But have you noticed how elderly folks giggle all the time? They’re probably thinking, “Just keep on living, honey.”

If you are like me and you’re what some would call “over the hill”, then I have good news for you! First of all, I have yet to find a verse in the Bible that talks about how we’re supposed to “retire” after a certain age. Retire from what? I can understand if someone wants to leave a job they don’t like, but the best thing we can do is go out and do something we like or have always wanted to do.

Working at something you absolutely love is fun, energizing and keeps us young at heart. Some people consider their hobbies as just that, and many a mom-and-pop business began as something fun to do around the kitchen table or out in the garage.

So next time you shop for some new makeup or that new outfit you’ve been eyeing, remember to go for what makes you feel not only good but GREAT. I’m not saying wear things you see on teenagers, and their style is wonderful, but that may be carrying it a bit too far when your grandkids are teenagers themselves.

Wear what your beautiful, elegant self looks great in or go out and enjoy that hobby that began making you some really good spending money. Being YOU is the greatest accomplishment you can master, and you will carry it off with that confident knowledge that you truly have NO expiration date. Seriously, some of us have only just begun!


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