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Korean Bio-Cellulose Mask – What is it?

There is a hot new trend from the world of K-Beauty called sheet masks. These come in various materials and are gaining a huge fan base around the world as an added boost to a woman’s daily skin care routine.

Yes, that’s me in the photos you see here. We wouldn’t want to talk about something we haven’t tried, would we? I tried this product and I’m hooked! Here’s all the interesting facts about sheet masks and why you might just want to give them a try!

The latest in K-Beauty technology is called a bio-cellulose sheet mask. It’s a very exciting new addition to any woman’s skin care regimen and is for today’s woman who truly wants to take care of her skin.  Studies show this mask may visibly lift and firm our skin in just a few weeks and leave it visibly more radiant, even after the very first use. Wow! This innovative beauty-booster could very well be a very important uplifting experience that today’s busy women have come to crave.


There are many new sheet masks available now. The Bio-cellulose is one I totally recommend because it is a pure, plant-based material derived from coconut water. Its interlocking fibers form a highly absorbent, three-dimensional “fabric,” allowing the mask to be generously infused with a complex of beneficial ingredients. This complex may include oat kernel extract, orchid extract and sodium hyaluronate*, which is known for its skin-conditioning benefits. You want to look for a flexible material that gives a Bio-Cellulose Mask its unique, face-hugging fit, keeping skin in close contact with all the ingredients. It is recommended you keep it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes.

*Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a “glycosaminoglycan” found in various connective tissue of humans. Glycosaminoglycan is a group of compounds occurring mainly as components of our connective tissue. These are called complex polysaccharides, which are carbohydrates like starch, cellulose, or glycogen. (Science and technology at work in our skin care. Whew! Glad we cleared that one up!) Seriously though, the new scientific break-throughs in the skin care industry are amazing.


In a recent research study, after two weeks of use, the majority of women who tried a quality bio-cellulose mask agreed that their skin looked lifted, firmed, younger-looking, and appeared more luminous. And after four weeks of use, the women agreed that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles was reduced. (These results were based on a four-week independent consumer study in which 300 women used the product twice a week.)


The best candidate for this mask is any woman who is seeing the advanced signs of aging and looking for the benefits this mask can provide. Well, that’s me for sure! It’s also good for someone who wants an intensive, twice-weekly facial treatment that gives visible lifting and firming benefits. Women who are currently using good skin care may be interested in giving their existing regimen a “beauty boost”. And this is definitely a great idea for any woman who wants to look her best for that important upcoming event!

This new technology can be a bit pricey, but after I tried it just one time, I was hooked! As you can see in the photos, my skin had a nice glow and looked and felt softer, and that was after my very first use! Not bad for this 68-year-old grannie, right?

If you would like to know what I use and recommend, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you more!


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