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Have you looked in the mirror lately and suddenly didn’t recognize who was looking back at you? I know I have! Lately this old person has been standing in front of me while I’m trying to see my reflection. I wish she’d go away, but alas! I think she’s here to stay.

We who are still young-at-heart sometimes struggle accepting what the mirror is showing us, don’t you agree?  All that walking, weight-lifting, aerobic exercising, bike riding, treadmill running, and going to the gym seems to be a temporary solution and still fails to smooth out those ever-growing wrinkles on our face, thighs, underarms, or hips, and knees! Oh my goodness, we won’t even talk about wrinkled knees or the back of our hands.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean giving up because we don’t look like those beautiful people we see on TV. Women especially are being bombarded by media ads saying we can look younger only if we buy the product they are promoting. Sooo we buy it… And it ends up gathering dust in the bottom drawer because it didn’t do what we hoped it would. Then lo and behold another youthful looking celebrity is on TV touting their latest find… so we buy that one, too… and it ends up, well, you know where it goes.

Why all the focus on the outside of our “house” we currently reside in, i.e., our body, our looks? What happened to growing old gracefully? Well I, for one, plan to grow old gracefully with the help of my hairdresser who works magic on my mane with a fabulous color, plus I’ll incorporate the help of any and all skin care cleansing, scrubbing, masking, moisturizing, lifting, firming, peeling, and whatever else I can get my hands on to help me grow old gracefully!

Now if you are struggling with your looks, and trust me, we all are, remember you were created to be an awesomely wonderful achiever with talents, skills, abilities and wisdom, and those things absolutely do not come out of a gym or bottle.

Next time you look in the mirror, take a closer look at who’s looking back at you. You will see a strong person who survived, overcame, is more knowledgeable than you realize, has first-hand experience in soooo many areas, and accomplished so many amazing things that others thought were impossible! See that twinkle in her eye? It will never age, never grow old. That’s real youthfulness. And that’s YOU!

When was the last time you actually went outside to play? Go for a ride in the country? Take a nice walk in a beautiful location near you? Fresh air and sunshine are the elixers we all need from time to time. Each time I visit Disney World, I am amazed at how many older couples are there, walking along and holding hands. Youthfulness never leaves our hearts!

So the next time your back hurts, your joints ache, or your knees don’t want to cooperate when you get up from a chair, remember to smile in the mirror and applaud that beautiful person who is looking back at you in your reflection, she deserves it.

Just remember, none of us really likes the idea of growing old, but I think it’s better than the alternative, don’t you agree?


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