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The definition of true beauty is simple. It’s found deep within us and radiates outwardly. Beauty is inner joy. Beauty is inner peace. Beauty is knowing we were created for a special purpose and that we are a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Beauty can often be misunderstood and distorted, especially when we play the comparison game. Today’s media can add conflicting pressures to be someone we were never meant to be. Today’s young girls are exposed almost daily to outside influences that tell them the only way to be truly happy is to be someone they are not. Society can set unrealistic goals for impressionable young women, especially when they don’t accomplish those goals, they spend years questioning their value and worth.

We come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, and heritage. We are mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. Always remember that you are unique and special, and your life experiences are woven into your personality and characteristics to become a beautiful, awesome tapestry called YOU, displaying your own version of beauty.

Trying to be like someone else can be a daunting task that we endlessly strive for, rather than appreciate the true essence of our own unique person. Learning to love what we see in the mirror is probably one of the most important and life changing things we can do for ourselves.

Many articles and opinions differ by saying all women are beautiful regardless of their appearance. True beauty doesn’t exclusively mean inner beauty. Nor does it mean just outer beauty. There’s more to beauty than what “meets the eye”. That will be food for another blog, I think!

Have you been with someone who just made you happy to be around? She was sharp, confidence, caring, personable and fun, and you always looked forward to being with her. That can possibly be defined as inner beauty. Her joy radiates out and she has a gift of making everyone feel important. She may not have been classified as physically beautiful (flaws are kind of beautiful, too!), even though she always looks neat, clean and well dressed. Her love of life shines through, even though she has endured those life challenges we all have faced.

Our true beauty comes from just being ourselves, genuine and authentic, and when we make the effort to improve our appearance to look our best, we can still retain our own uniqueness and natural beauty. Then we become the best version of ourselves and that’s when our true beauty shines through!

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